A petition from concerned citizens of the Saratoga Springs School District demanding the authorization of historically proven security measures to protect students,faculty and administration in the district

We; as residents, parents, and voters of the Saratoga Springs School District, oppose the October 9,2018 School Board resolution to prohibit grounds monitors from carrying firearms on campus. 


We outline our position in the following statements.


Whereas, Saratoga Springs Board of Education discontinued the decades long practice of armed grounds monitors on campus; and 


Whereas, this decision was made without a clear plan to add additional security levels that would replace the historically proven practices of armed grounds monitors; and 


Whereas, to our knowledge there has been neither and incident or accident involving the grounds monitors during the past 30 years; and 


Whereas, the Board of Education made the decision without adequately consulting officials in the Saratoga County Sheriff’s office, the Saratoga Springs Police Department, or professional security consultants; and 


Whereas, school safety is transcendent of any political debate because the safety of our children, teachers, and administration is the first priority of our school district; and


Whereas, recent national events involving violence in schools cause us to believe that an all of the above approach should be implemented with regard to the security of our community’s children.

Now therefore be it resolved,


That we urge the Saratoga Springs Board of Education to reverse their decision to disarm district grounds monitors, and 


That we demand a new public hearing take place so that we the people may have a chance to voice our concerns regarding the aforementioned resolution, and 


That the Board of Education consult with law enforcement professionals and security experts to implement a full complement of safety features that ensure the well being of our children, faculty, staff and administration in the Saratoga Springs School District, and 


That the Board of Education hire only current or former law enforcement professionals as armed grounds monitors and establishes appropriate and reasonable training, certification, and educational components to ensure these individuals are fully-aware of the importance and responsibilities vested in them.


The undersigned pledge as informed, motivated and active citizens that we will remain engaged to hold members of the Saratoga Springs Board of Education accountable for decisions that impact the safety of school children in our district.


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