A Letter to Superintendent Patton & Board of Education Members

Dear Superintendent Patton & Board of Education Members: 

We write urging you to follow the lead of newly enacted New York State law to update critical security measures to protect our children and communities in this 2019-2020 school year.

In 2018 the school district disarmed its longtime retired police officers serving as school security officers. That concern has now been mitigated with the support of the Governor & Legislature. 

Established security experts have appeared before the Board of Education to educate you and your predecessors about the need to “harden” security. Including the merits of having qualified, armed security officers on the grounds to limit fatalities and injuries from active shooter assaults. 

As we all know too well, tragic attacks on so-called “soft” targets by violent criminals continue to occur and are widely publicized.

More instances of disgruntled youth and adults planning attacks designed to inflict as much death on unarmed civilians in as limited time as possible are being attempted.

We urgently request: 

1) You promptly enact policies updating our district-wide security protocols to reinstate concealed carry capabilities to our trained active and retired police and qualified security personnel.

2) You review and place qualified, armed security personnel at all district school buildings during primary school activities.

Armed security are critical to save lives should an assault by a violent offender with weapons be attempted. 

That is why New York State enacted a new law this year (S101A) clearly allowing retired police to carry concealed weapons on school grounds as certified security guards. 

In so doing, Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS legislature affirmed that active and retired police officers are duly qualified to provide armed security at our schools.

We represent an active assembly of concerned school district-based citizens calling on our publicly funded district officials to re-institute armed security under the protection of this law.

This will enhance our district wide security protocols to protect our thousands of children, school staff, and frequent guests to these community institutions.

Avoiding this action is risking the ability to stave off an armed intruder and their capacity to end lives and inflict harm in matters of minutes. It is time to limit that threat by taking these responsible policy actions as soon as possible.  


Concerned residents of Saratoga Springs City School District


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